Contemporary knitting for textile artists

Contemporary knitting for textile artists

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Autor: Lee, Ruth

Sprache: englisch

Verlag: Batsford, London

Jahr: 2007

ISBN: 9780713490466


This is not your grandmother’s knitting book?unless Grandma happens to be a cool, creative textile artist. What it does have is detailed information on a spectacular range of contemporary designs?both wearable items, such as a breathtaking star-shaped neckpiece strung with glass beads, as well as exhibition pieces like the author’s Spirit Dresses, knitted from insulated bell wire. Other materials used include paper yarn, plastics, rope, elastics?and even regular knitting yarn! Ruth Lee, whose work has been shown in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, offers a wealth of background on techniques from big knitting and knitting in rounds, to wrapping, coiling, and twining. Plus: dozens of color photographs provide powerful inspiration for adventurous knitters.

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