Creative knitting

Creative knitting

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Autor: Walker Phillips, Mary

Sprache: englisch

Verlag: Dos Tejedoras Fiber Arts Publications

Jahr: 1986

ISBN: 0-932394-06-X


Creative Knitting encourages the creation of highly decorative, rather than purely functuonal items. It scores of examples illustrate that knitters need not be confined to developing someone else´s designs, but can, as craftsmen in other areas have done, apply their basic skills to take their work in a new, richly rewarding direction.

The author focuses on ways to alter, combine and experiment with traditional stitches to form striking new stitches and patterns. The text is supplemented with clear, easy-to-follow diagrams. Instructions are given for many intriguing and unconventional stitches, such as the Plaited Basket and Horizontal stitches, Bell Frilling and Lace Diadem patterns.

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